quality policy

Our all products are having unique standards of precision and excellence. These are manufactured under stringent tests, rigorous standards of inspection are exercised at all level to ensure that every product confirms to an embodiment of engineering perfection.

Our company has accredited with ISO-9001:2000 on JAS/ANZ certification and also having ISI marking on our Belts.

We have been maintaining our high quality standard and are capable of manufacturing our 16 years old brand names “Gredon” and “Gremax” in national and international markets.

Our products are made under strict total quality control management, which are Oil Resistant, Heat Resistant, Anti Static and UNI-SET.

OIL RESISTANT: Our Belts have special Oil Resistant cover protests it from damage from influence of oil, grease and fatty components. This property provides longer belt life.

HEAT RESISTANT: Our Belts have heat resistant properties, which prevent ageing and decomposition of the belts at high temperature.

ANTI STATIC: Our Belts have electrical conductivity properties, which prevent built-up of static electricity. This property is of great importance when working with inflammable materials.

UNI SET: No need for matching codes.

Our V-Belts are made with precision technology and Belts of all sizes are of standard dimensions within the specified tolerance limit.

A wide range of Cogged Belts are manufactured with high quality material and technology and are used in automotive (as fan Belts) and industrial machinery. Cogged Belts are highly flexible and do not slip on the drive. These belts are the most efficient and perfect medium for power transmission.

We have been supplying goods under our brand names “Gredon”, “Gremax” and “Fleet” as well as their own brands requested by our prestigious customers.

ISO certified transmission belts ISI V-belts